Mentoring and Healing Sessions

“I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship.” ~Louisa May Alcott


Individual and Group Guidance

I offer both individual (one-on-one) and group sessions. See below for descriptions and options.






Individual Sessions

Options and Pricing

We all have different ways of receiving information as catalysts for change. Therefore, I’m flexible when it comes to how we could partner in helping you achieve your goals. A monthly pre-payment option is available to make mentorship and healing more accessible for you.


Online/Phone Healing and Mentorship

Individual Sessions

(1 hour / 90 minutes) 

$105 / $130


In-Person Healing and Mentorship

Individual Sessions

(1 hour / 90 minutes) 

$155 / $195


After our first session, we’ll work together to outline a custom program for you to achieve your individual goals. In addition to energetic work, my Guides may suggest in-person sessions like Thai therapy, walking in the woods, and fitness training. Packages will be made available and those rates will represent a generous cost savings from the individual hourly rate.

For those of you interested in working together more intensively—a common option for those traveling to work with me—I offer half-day, whole day, and weekend packages in Asheville, NC. This way of working together is intense, intimate, and incredibly effective, though it’s not the right fit for everyone. My rates for these intensives vary, depending on specifics. I am also available to travel to you on occasion. Please contact me to discuss what will work best for you.


Goddess Training in Nature 

Movement with meditation and vocal sound healing for individuals and small groups

There is a powerful connection between movement, nature, spirit, and well-being. The woods are the perfect place to discharge, to unload, to bring up to the surface, to let go and to renew. There is no place more conducive to an energetic shift than being in nature. Nature multiplies the effect of receiving teachings, the place, and the movement increase the vibrational benefit. And there’s no better gym than hiking the beautiful trails of the Blue Ridge mountains.

For mindset shifts, exercise, time outdoors, sisterhood time, spiritual teaching, and a revitalizing boost, this is the time to start setting a new practice in your life course.

I lead both small groups (up to 6 women) and one-on-one mentoring in nature to strengthen bodies, minds, and spirits. My guides inevitably address the guidance that each group needs to hear. We cleanse our energy field and remember who we really are through the power of nature.

Group Reiki (Energy Healing) and Vocal Sound Healing

This beautiful blending is a restorative meditation with the physical, emotional, mental and energetic benefits. It’s an awakening and soothing of the senses with reiki, sound therapy, aromatherapy and anchoring the powers of the earth with crystals.

All the practices individually accentuate calmness, clarity of mind and relaxation of the body and emotions. We combine all to raise your vibration, physical as well as energetic.

Sound healing creates an ease to transformation on all levels. These healing sounds come from higher vibrational frequencies and penetrate into all parts of the body to enhance the healing process, to uplift your mood and your overall sense of wellbeing.  

Sound healing removes barriers to healing. When the element of sound is added to healing energies, the healing input becomes exponential and the healing process is accelerated.  You will feel the uplifting of your body, mind, and spirit.

Sound healing is one of the most advanced means to expand and increase the healing benefits of energy work. Each sound is intuitively rendered to unlock blockages in the entire five body system allowing energy to flow with ease throughout the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies of your being.

Contact me for information on locations and times.

The first step to working with me is a discovery session.

During this 20-minute consultation, we’ll determine if we’re a good fit to work together. It’s an opportunity to talk about where you are right now in life, what you desire, and how ready you are for more.

I’ve found that not every woman who connects with me is ready for what they desire. This conversation will help reveal how ready you are to live your desires and whether I am the right mentor to guide you on your journey. 

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