Happily Empowered Clients

“It is written in my essence that I have never trusted maps. So needless to say a compass is rendered rather useless. Yet, what I discovered is by trusting, and willingness to not “know”, a fellow traveller would present, simply materialize. I knew to trust them to encourage, motivate, educate, love me onto the path that ultimately would lead me deeper into my authentic self.

If you, or someone you know is searching for a “piece” to your unique puzzle consider spending some time knowing her, for Ann-Lee is a gifted, wise, loving woman who reminds you of your divinity.”


What was the issue or challenge you faced prior to working with me?
Around my fortieth birthday, I realized I had been just getting by with life. I was working a job that was getting me by. I was in a relationship with someone and getting by. I wasn’t excited and hadn’t felt optimistic about much of anything for a long time and wasn’t consciously aware of it until forty.

What impact was that having on your life (all aspects)?
I didn’t know what it felt like to be genuinely happy. I didn’t expect happiness or joy.

What was the solution I provided for you?
You helped me to question my life assumptions which then led me to reassess what I was asking of Life. I came to understand I had experienced what I thought was a lot of disappointment and my remedy was to not have wants or desires.

How is your life different now?
I expect to feel good. I have habits and practices today. I have a spiritual practice. Before I thought happiness should find me. Instead, I learn happiness is the result of practicing gratitude and appreciation. I have some low days and at first I used to feel I shouldn’t have low days any longer and Ann-Lee has helped me realize emotions are cyclical and ever changing just like everything else in life. I have tools to help me not go so low but when I do go low I’m not afraid of it because I choose to believe it means something big is shifting.

Why did you decide to work with me and not another coach?
I liked your no-nonsense, straight-shooting personality. I understood everything you were sharing with me was for my highest good. You know the change happens over the long term and you have a price structure to support that. I loved having the support as I stepped more and more into being my whole self.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about working with me?
I would tell them if they are really ready to make changes in the way they see and experience life, you can not only help them but they are going to have a ton of fun while doing it. I looked forward to our sessions. I looked forward to how I feel when we were in session. I looked forward to sharing with her all my new insights and realizations. And I looked forward to seeing someone who absolutely wants the very best for me


Life Coach

“Finally, I learned the difference between surrender and giving up. At first glance, these seem to be the same thing. But surrender, as explained by the guides, contains choice, whereas giving up is the complete loss of hope and choice. I learned surrendering to a situation doesn’t mean I can’t consider alternatives on what to do next, or look for another point of view.

So in the space of an hour, I was given a chance to ask questions, be heard, receive very practical guidance and advice, AND enjoy a lovely walk with an amazing person in a beautiful place! I look forward to walking with Ann-Lee and the collective of positive energy again, whether it’s with a group of women seeking answers or just one on one.”


“I have known Ann Lee as a fellow fitness professional for several years as a very qualified wellness teacher who gives her all when working with students. Over the past year both Ann Lee and myself have moved beyond the physical body to follow our callings in a spiritual direction.

During this year, I have witnessed an evolutionary transformation in her that is the most miraculous I have ever seen on this human plane. Ann-Lee has made herself completely available to the entities she channels and each time I sit with her I am more amazed. The energy work that she has done with me has definitely lifted me to a higher vibrational energy that is palpable.

I love Ann Lee’s passionate authenticity and would recommend her work to any woman ready to tap into her highest capacity for empowerment!”


What was the issue or challenge you faced prior to working with me?
Prior to working with Ann-Lee, I was having difficulty trusting my gut. I wasn’t sure which inner voice to listen to and I was pretty sure the loudest one was guiding me from a place of fear and not best interest.

What impact was that having on your life (all aspects)?
The lack of trust in myself caused me to stagnate. I was afraid to make any decisions for fear they’d be the wrong one. I wasn’t taking the necessary steps toward my goals. I wasn’t taking any action.

What was the solution I provided for you?
Ann-Lee helped me to rediscover myself. I wasn’t lost, I was just hiding. She helped me to reclaim the power I used to feel years ago when I felt like I anything was possible. She helped me tune in to myself and discern the familiar voice of impassioned reason that I remember. She helped me to take small steps and big steps, but most importantly, to take some kind of action rather than stand still in fear.

How is your life different now?
I’m getting somewhere! I’m taking action and learning to trust myself. I’m also learning to let go of perfection and live in the new positive reality that I create for myself. My day to day life is less anxious and I’ve been able to relax into the flow of life instead of trying to control everything.

Why did you decide to work with me and not another coach?
Your personality. Your love. Your light. Your background. Your informality. Your ability to see me for me. Our intense connection after one conversation. You didn’t push me or try to scare me. You just were. And I just was. Does that make sense?

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about working with me?
This isn’t a decision to make lightly. Talk to Ann-Lee. Ask her questions. Express your hesitation. Knowing her, she’s not going to push you. She’s going to be honest and open. Also, she’ll tell you if you’re not a good fit with her. She doesn’t work with everyone. If she doesn’t feel she can help you, she won’t take your money.


Marketing Consultant

I recently had my first experience working with Ann Lee during a Goddess Training in Nature hike. Turned out, it was a rare opportunity for a one-on-one session with her, which I’m so glad I decided to do. From our first exchanges after meeting, I felt just how enriching it was to have this kind of encounter with someone who has as much to offer as Ann Lee does. I felt like I was with someone with such a genuine and keen interest in not only the progression of my journey but in all of ours. She was warm and receptive and imparted so much invaluable wisdom and insight,

I suspect I’ll have a wealth of truths to contemplate and work toward for some time. Ann-Lee made me aware of my own inherent value and capability while also reminding me to be accepting of myself at all points of my process. There were many new perspectives offered for me to now carry going forward. By the end of the session, I even felt like I had transitioned to another state of awareness. A very still, calm place of equanimity and steady contentedness. It felt like I had been renewed and nourished. And this was after only one session.

I absolutely recommend to anyone considering working with Ann Lee allowing themselves the transformative experience of getting in touch with their truest essence and the limitless potential for empowerment and fulfillment to be found there.


I spent the most amazing hour of my life recently with Ann- Lee Waite having my first ever Thai Healing session. I am a person who always wants my massage to “go deep” but find it very difficult to relax into the experience. The subtle yet effective technique allowed me to be with my breath and to relax deeper and deeper thus allowing me to let go and fully integrate the work that was being done to me. The experience left me feeling open, energized, almost like I was floating on air. I will note that I felt the effects of this massage not just for hours after but the entire next week.  

Ann-Lee is truly a gifted healer and I would recommend her Thai Healing and her body rolling and foot classes to anyone seeking relief from stress, muscle tension, injury or chronic pain.