Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to questions about me, my guides, and working together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does being an intuitive or empath mean and how do you use it professionally?

We are all intuitives and empaths. We all have the ability to feel or perceive what isn’t visible to the naked eye, the unspoken words and thoughts of others, that sense of knowing the truth and not knowing why or from where it came from. Through the use of practices and evolution to seeing my life purpose, I have been able to have a deeper interactive connection to Source or Spirit. I use that connection to assist clients in finding healing on multiple levels. I am there to facilitate and assist their process in discovering it was themselves they were looking for all the time.

Who are your clients?

My clients are varied. Some come because of pain in their body. Some have issues around their self-image. Some come for energetic mentoring, meaning they want to experience a higher vibrational state by releasing blocked energy from their bodies. Some come for empowerment mentoring, meaning they want to live life on a higher level than they are presently experiencing; they want to experience as much of their full power as they are ready for. My training in wellness brings people with issues with foot pain; flexibility, emotional tension, pain or stress issues requiring a series of Thai yoga sessions incorporating energy healing work. (Thai yoga is receiving the benefits of doing yoga but not having to do yoga.) Maybe it’s just energy healing work or intuitive mentoring or both.

Whatever the service they are seeking, my clients are those who understand healing on any level is successful for multiple factors, one being time. I am the best friend with mad skills you’ve been asking for! Everybody needs someone solid in their lives to help them learn how to sail through all weather conditions. That’s me.

Information about my Guides

What is God Consciousness or Source Energy?

When I refer to our connection/Source Energy/Spirit/God/God Consciousness/Consciousness I refer to everything that exists, the name, our attempt to name the Energy that is within all and everything.

What do you mean when you refer to yourself as “WE.”

That connection is what I refer to as WE or THEY. I want you to understand it isn’t me the human personality alone who is doing the interacting. This connection is not any different than the connection you have. It is the exact same, the only difference is my awareness of that connection may be different than your level of awareness AND your level of interaction with it.

Why did THEY choose you?

I don’t feel chosen. What I do know is my life, the suffering and then my determination to transform that suffering became my reason to understand why and who we are beside mortal beings in a world of great suffering that we do to ourselves and others. The connection or awareness I have with Spirit allows Consciousness to guide and interact with you, to help you.

How do THEY help you help your clients?

The wellness, fitness, energy and empowerment training I have been developing for the last 15 years has been all about bringing women back into their bodies, back into where their magic lies. There is no preset plan or steps because you aren’t everyone; what works for one doesn’t and won’t work for all. That’s the benefit of being an empath or intuitive; we see the you that you have always been, we help you to remember that which was forgotten but always known by the Infinite in you. How one session looks isn’t a precedent for all sessions. You are an evolving being and we work with your ever evolving state to get you back into your body AND experience the infiniteness that you are to come into your full power state.

My special gift is to bring you into your body. The answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself are in your body…how much to eat, how to eat, what exercises it needs and wants, should you stay in this relationship, is this job the right one for now, what brings you happiness, how to trust yourself and the guidance you receive as the means of finding those answers, how to recognize when you’ve gone off track (a means of getting to get back on track).