A month or so ago a group of women and I went to Edisto, SC for a long weekend. It had been in the plans for a few months. Two women rode with me and along the way we got to know each other. Not on the polite level but on the real level. Part of our purpose was to get to know each other and to share our gifts with one another.

A couple of hours from arriving I start to feel Their excitement. Every time we spoke of Edisto, They breathed through me deeply. The more They breathed through me, the more I am certain this destination was important. As we got closer the breathing intensified. But what also felt strange was feeling as if I was returning to a familiar place.

When we arrived at the house I had a strong energetic event and found myself crying because I knew I had returned home. I was immersed in both sadness and sweetness of the homecoming.

The next day the ladies went to the beach and I stayed behind entranced by the meditative state I felt in the location. When I came out of meditation I asked to know who I was when I lived in Edisto.

They told me in the 1600’s I had been an African queen of a small to mid-size tribe and my husband sold me into slavery because he was intimidated by me. I was more woman than he wanted to deal with.

I was transported from West Africa to Jamaica. From there I was transported to Edisto and I lived right across the marsh in front of the house I was staying. They told me I had been a great healer; whites and slaves came to me for healing. They told me I was one of the first to be known as the Gullah people. (In 2016 I was told by a psychic here in Asheville that I had ties to the Gullah people.) They told me I was bred. I had had many babies and had not been allowed to keep any of my children past childhood. They were sent off. They were property just as I was property.

I cried hearing Them tell me her story. I felt her sadness. I felt the sadness in the place. And I understood myself even better than before.

So now to blow your mind further…let’s collapse time. There is only one time, no past, no future. They explained energetically she still exists. It’s still the 1600’s. I feel her because we are linked.

Who says her choice in being intimidating didn’t come from my empowerment journey in this life? Who says I’ve never married or had a long-term relationship because of the betrayal she suffered by her husband selling her into slavery?

Are you uncomfortable yet by how different this is to anything you’ve ever thought before? Good!! Because I’m way past uncomfortable. My mind has been blown.

So back to blowing your mind! It’s all one time all happening simultaneously. No, I haven’t wrapped my mind totally around it but I’m getting there.

What I am clear about now is when we do our inner work, our healing work we shift the energy not only for us in our now and those who will follow us but we shift the energy of our ancestors. Yes, your inner work has that much power. Your inner work can and does shift the energy on the planet. That’s how important you are.

To Your Awakening,