Meet Ann-Lee Waite

Empowerment Mentor • Energy Healer • Wellness Trainer

Fifteen years ago, I turned my life in a powerful new direction. On the eve of my fortieth birthday, I opened up to the possibility of doing work I loved. Since I had successfully risen above tumultuous beginnings using various tools that I developed and honed over the years, I decided to direct my energy to help other women just like me who wanted to thrive, not just survive.

A little about my background…during my twenties and thirties, I used misguided coping mechanisms to deal with the pain of childhood sexual abuse and incest. Alcohol, drugs, sex, bad relationships, codependency, and eating disorders were masks for the pain and deep sense of loss of myself.

Until the moment I was inspired by Maya Angelou’s desire to not just survive, but to thrive. And to do it gracefully.

At forty, I had come a long way from the dependency on those old coping methods. But I could feel there was more, hence my request to the Universe that took me on a wellness path as a personal trainer. I helped other women discover the strength and power of their bodies. Today, I know it wasn’t just for me to teach wellness but for me to learn how to live wellness. I was certified as a vinyasa flow yoga instructor, Thai healing practitioner, body rolling and foot fitness instructor, and I got my first personal training certification.

There began a powerful fifteen-year journey that became even more powerful when my genuine awakening started a few years ago. In addition to the physical wellness, I started offering all the learning I have become through my experience in my search for wholeness to women in need of guidance. I do this through empowerment mentorship and energy healing.

Every Tuesday afternoon on my radio show Yes You Can!, we engage in conversation about how to live beyond survival mode and step into innate empowerment. Yes You Can! is broadcast live from 5–6pm on WPVM LP FM 103.7FM Asheville. The shows are also available for streaming and download in the archives at here.