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“There is no story, no history you cannot transform for your highest good.” ~Ann-Lee Waite

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Begin your journey to self-love, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility.

Listen to my weekly radio show
“Yes You Can!”

Broadcast live every Tuesday from 5–6PM EST and streamed live on WPVM

Yes You Can is a radio show discussing various topics on:

  • The rising feminine, as witnessed by our society in the last decade (#metoo, Women’s March, Eve Ensler’s movement to end violence against women, and more)
  • The mindset, habits, and practices of self-empowerment and transformational living
  • Conversations about what women’s empowerment means and what effect it will have on our society
  • What does self-responsibility look like in an extended age of victim/perpetrator/rescuer culture
  • Conversations that inspire, motivate and remind listeners they can be, do, and have in life whatever they desire

Happily Empowered Clients

Finally, I learned the difference between surrender and giving up. At first glance, these seem to be the same thing. But surrender, as explained by the Guides, contains choice, whereas giving up is the complete loss of hope and choice. I learned surrendering to a situation doesn’t mean I can’t consider alternatives on what to do next, or look for another point of view.

So in the space of an hour, I was given a chance to ask questions, be heard, receive very practical guidance and advice, AND enjoy a lovely walk with an amazing person in a beautiful place! I look forward to walking with Ann-Lee and the collective of positive energy again, whether it’s with a group of women seeking answers or just one on one.”


The first step to working with me is a discovery session.

During this 20-minute consultation, we’ll determine if we’re a good fit to work together. It’s an opportunity to talk about where you are right now in life, what you desire, and how ready you are for more.

I’ve found that not every woman who connects with me is ready for what they desire. This conversation will help reveal how ready you are to live your desires and whether I am the right mentor to guide you on your journey. 

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